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The Book Shelf

The Book Shelf is a website which promotes learning using some of the most modern methods, accelerated learning techniques, and innovative language learning systems available. In particular the book shelf focuses on a new way of teaching literacy and language learning, and specialises in various highly innovative and easily learning and accessible educational services, under the following trading brands:

Surprisingly, today (in the digital age that we live in) books are as popular as ever. However books now share the limelight with (top quality) audio visual products (such as podcast downloads, or videos e.g. You Tube, Vimeo). The Book Shelf focuses less specifically on the types of channel rather than the importance of new learning methods in literacy (i.e. mastering one's own language) and (modern) foreign language learning, as well as learning the world's ancient languages like Latin and Greek. Have you a language or skill you'd like to learn or improve upon?

Do You Need Help To Read & Help To Spell?

The Book Shelf highlights two aspects of literacy i.e. improving one's reading and spelling. There are as many children, as well as adults, who struggle with reading and writing, as there are solutions to these challenges. Solutions come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the more popular and well-known services (In-School) such as support from a competent teachers' assistant, or support from a special needs teacher. Outside of school, and within the private sector, there are regular teachers seeking to supplment their income by offering out of hours 1:1 support. There are also provate educational tutors, both trained and untrained, as well as specialist practitioners who are experts in a particular field e.g. Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Deaf, Dumb etc.

Sophie Helps Me Read & Spell is a unique and innovative educational service which to teach literacy (for English mother tongue speakers), with a Help Me Read and Help Me Spell programme. The friendly course style also includes gentle exercises and memory skills to support learning the sounds.

In response to global demand for Learning English as a Foreign language (EFL), and The Book Shelf has used its many years at helping non-English speakers convert English Learning stumbling blocks into Learning English stepping stones.

Would You Like To Sound French, Sound Italian, Sound Spanish?

The Book Shelf promotes language learning of all kinds. In learning a language we believe sounding 'like a mother tongue speaker' in the language of your choice is a critical succes factor and therefore of key importance. Our language learning courses means sounding like a mother tongue speaker from Day 1. Our point of departure and key specialisation is 'learning the sounds'. There are many benefits to students who learn a foreign language using Sophie and her team's methods, such as:

The Book Shelf promotes learning of all kinds, and in particular language learning and and continuous professional development (cpd) for SMEs. In particular The Book Shelf produces audio visual course material for language learning and business.

The Book Shelf also recommends some books on current topics ranging from subjects as diverse as business management and leadership through to the latest development in management psychology and humand behaviours, and encomapssing books on Christian and spirituality from other of the World's great faiths. The Book Shelf aims is to promote universal brotherhood through business and social endeavour and it strives to build links and association with good and positive forces actively working towards a united world. There are several examples of this, but a well developed example is the Focolare movement..

Inspirational books that have been fundamental in recent years to my professional and personal development: